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What is BVR?

Jul. 31, 2020

BVR Active Organic Petroleum Enhancer is a clean, safe and green product specially developed for the petroleum industry.

Completely biodegradable, free from any toxic and carcinogenic substances, has been obtained from relevant international laboratories.

Approved, and has obtained the European Union patent, mainly to the natural plant matrix and its derivatives as the basic raw materials plus.

It can effectively separate water, sand and crude oil from tar sands, improve extraction process and separation

Process, significantly improve the API of crude oil, greatly reduce the viscosity, reduce the use of naphtha or condensate, reduce.

Less heat and energy, lower production costs, reduce carbon emissions and pollution, widely used in oil production, transportation.

Transportation, refining and other processes can significantly increase the profits of oil and gas operators.

What is NGO

1. 100% active organic crude oil enhancer, which has been patented in EU.

2.BVR is internationally positioned as a corporative enterprise developing green echnologies while defending environmental values to promote sustainable practices with an economical justification.

3. BVR has enabled nano-scale re-structured hydrocarbons accessible to the entire Oil&Gas industry worldwide.This will allow the main operators to use green technologies,gaining more respect from the public anxiety about environment deterioration and climate change.

4. BVR is elaborating new processes using Biotechnologies,allowing for better cost effective management of crude oil procuction,intervention and transportation.

What is BVR?

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